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Social Security Child Disability Benefits

  • Jan 27, 2023

When a child has suffered an injury causing a mental or physical limitation, or one has developed due to illness, health, or similar, the child may be eligible for government benefits.

Unlike an adult, who gains such benefits after working, a child has no such requirement. Instead, the child must meet specific health conditions, such as blindness or a given physical or mental disability. Of course, a child under age 18 can’t necessarily just get the benefits automatically. Instead, a parent or guardian needs to fill out the application and provide the necessary paperwork to the Social Security Administration.

Applying for child disability can be complex, especially if denial happens; that is why having a social security disability lawyer in NJ is vital.

Eligibility for Child Disability Benefits

The first big hurdle is to be eligible for the program. A child with an eligible disability must have a serious, life-limiting physical or mental disability that meets the accepted definitions of the same provided by the SSA. The condition must have been in place for at least a year.

Social Security Child Disability Benefits

Benefits for qualified disabled children include:

  • SSI (Supplemental Security Income) Payments
  • Medicaid and Medicare
  • Child Health Insurance Program
  • Other Health Care Services (such as Children’s Special Health Services and Handicapped Children’s Programs)

Application for Social Security Child Disability Benefits

social security disability application form and social security cardSocial security disability NJ benefits are a critical support resource for New Jersey children and their families who, for a variety of reasons, now are unable to do so because of a mental and/or physical injury. Due to the medical condition of the child, confirmed by a doctor, support is needed.

In these cases, the individual or their representative taking care of the child can file for an application for SSDI disability benefits to offset the cost of living. However, the child’s application is not automatically approved, it can be lengthy, and the approval process can take a notable amount of time as well.

Many of the hoops and barrels one has to go through for SSDI child disability benefits involve verification of the child’s medical history, eligibility criteria being met, and prevention of fraud. That said, advocacy of one’s SSDI benefits application by social security disability lawyers in NJ can make a difference in how a child’s application case is prepared and presented as well as the likelihood of approval by the Social Security Administration reviewer.

The social security disability benefits application for a child, better known as a Child Disability Report, requires detailing the person’s condition, the limitations being realized, and medical history. It also requires proof of the medical condition for at least a year.

Having this data pulled together beforehand makes the application process itself a lot easier to prepare. The Child Disability Starter Kit, downloaded from the SSA’s website, makes it easier to collect this information and track all the requirements before filing.

Remember, it is not enough to have a disability condition. The child needs to be sick or severely limited for an extended period as well.

Dealing With a Denial and Request for Reconsideration

Once the application is complete and submitted to the Social Security Administration, it goes through a review and an initial evaluation. If approved, the benefits are then scheduled.

If not, the SSA communicates back to the application, and they have an option for reconsideration. This is filed as a Request for Reconsideration, and it has to be filed within 60 days of being denied initially. 5 days are added for mailing time.

If that second request is denied, a hearing can then be scheduled with an administrative law court and judge.

Partnering With Qualified Experience Makes a Difference

The Falcon Law Group has a long-standing track record helping New Jersey clients navigate the social security child disability application process. Having an NJ social security disability lawyer on one’s side makes a big difference both in application success as well as getting past the hurdles of an appeal if needed. Call us today – our legal team at the Falcon Law Group can help you get started or turn around an existing application that seems to be going nowhere.

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