Advanced Health Directive

  • Feb 10, 2023

At Falcon Law Group, we assist residents who need an NJ advance directive that is related to their health. With the help of an advanced health directive, it becomes much easier to handle any aspect of your health affairs in the future. For example, those who attempt to handle the process without a healthcare proxy tend to experience more struggles than those who make the call.

Anyone should always contact estate planning lawyers in these instances. Once you are unable to make these decisions on your own, your financial and health needs still need to be met. Be sure to contact an estate planning attorney in NJ as soon as you are ready to start making these crucial choices.

Importance of Advanced Health Directive

An estate plan needs to be put in place so you can remain protected when you can no longer make decisions on your own. An advanced healthcare directive can include multiple documents, or it can be a standalone document. The directive can also be set up before the patient has taken the time to complete their estate planning arrangements, so there are no worries there.

Unfortunately, there are some who do not take the time to handle these concerns until after they have already fallen ill. It is very common for people to wait until after they have already reached an advanced age before they take the proper steps. However, serious accidents and illnesses are not going to wait for a convenient moment to strike.

There is one common misconception about advance health directives that must be cleared up, though. The advanced health directive is not the same as a final will and testament.

While a final will and testament is centered around the dispersal of their property after death, an advance health directive focuses on the care a patient receives while they are still alive. The advanced health directive is only utilized during the patient’s lifetime. Organ donation, palliative care, comfort care, do not resuscitate directives, and the administration of life-prolonging care are all covered.

It must also be notarized or signed by two adult witnesses who cannot serve as the person’s designated healthcare representatives. The chosen witnesses will need to attest that the person is not being subjected to undue influence or stress while remaining sound of mind. Video and audio recordings can also be utilized to enhance the clarity of these documents.

The directive becomes enforceable if and when the person becomes incapacitated and unable to make health decisions for themselves. Copies of an advanced health directive should be provided to your spouse, your adult children (if applicable), your medical care providers, and any other close friends or relatives. If a patient resides in an assisted care facility or nursing home, make sure that they are also given copies.

How a Health Care Proxy Estate Planning Attorney Can Help

making real estate deal, buying medical insuranceNo one wants any health decisions for themselves to be in a mess and out of their will; that is why this is where a healthcare proxy estate planning attorney comes in handy. This also makes your loved ones spared from the pain of having to make difficult decisions that are based on guesswork just because of the absence of your directive.

Family members may also disagree about what the next steps should be, causing even more stress during an already challenging time. By having your words in writing, everyone will already have their marching orders.

This allows you to avoid any unwanted delays in your treatment plans. Your wishes will be followed, and your loved ones can focus on other aspects of your recovery.

Once the directive has been put into place, any caregiver or doctor who is responsible for handling your healthcare is given all of the instructions that they need.

Our Woodcliff Lake Estate Planning Lawyers Can Help

When you contact Falcon Law Group, you can seize a greater level of control over your future healthcare needs. We will help you express your wishes clearly, so there is no confusion later on. With the help of an experienced estate planning attorney in NJ, your wishes are more easily established. Give us a call as soon as you are ready for a consultation.

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